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ZR London Cheerleaders and CheerConditioning.Academy specializes in performance cheerleading, productions, coaching, and coach training courses. Established in 2008, we are part of the Zoo Riot London Dance Co. and creators of CHEER PRO Dance Fitness - the cheerleading fitness sensation!

Since 2008  ZR London Cheerleaders have built a reputation for being the leaders in cheerleading casting, show production, talent management, and training for professional cheerleading. Our portfolio includes H&M, Milan Fashion Week, MTV, Sky Sports, BT Sports, Daybreak, A League of Their Own, NFL, and hundreds of private and charity events & corporate entertainment.

Professional cheerleading dance team performances 

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Sideline cheerleading for sports and charity events

Acrobatic stunts and tumbling performances

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Join our ZR Cheerleaders

performance team

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Cheerleading dance or stunt workshops

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TV, ads, activations, bespoke show production

Recreational and competitive cheerleading

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Cheerdance & cheer coach training courses

Meet our USASF & CCA certified coaches 

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Hen parties, birthday parties, team building

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