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Get certified with CheerConditioning.Academy coaching courses, accredited by USCCE (United States Centre for Coaching Excellence) - the online academy is the brain-child of ZR London Cheerleaders founder, Jessica Zoo: passionate cheer coach and author of the book Body Before Skill: Sports Performance for Cheerleading.


As seen on Dr. Oz, Fox News, Elle, Sky News, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, with a large Youtube following and participating in countless events worldwide - CCA Online Coaching courses offer CPD and cheer dance training. 



CHEER PRO™ Dance Fitness is great for:


BEGINNERS: a fun, active way to start your cheerleading journey!


POM DANCERS: Improve your pom & sideline dance skills with these fun workouts you can do at home!


COACHES: If you're looking for ready-to-go cheerleading pom fitness workouts for your team and cheer dance

routines for displays, pep rallies, and sideline cheer!


RETIRED CHEERLEADERS: You may have retired from cheer, but you can still love to shake your pompoms,

now you can do it at home while you also work on your fitness!


ANYONE: Who just wants to shake their pompoms and have a new fun way to keep fit!

CheerConditioning.Academy is an independent entity and is not affiliated with Varsity Spirit, LLC or its products or services, including Cheerobics