London SuperBowl Party Time

It's one of our favourite nights of the year.. it's the SUPERBOWL!! We just love how London lights up every year with Superbowl parties all around the capital, with a good dose of American Spirit. This year, 15 of our London Cheerleaders performed at 3 of the largest Superbowl parties in London: Riley's Sports Bar, Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafe. Fantastic night for everyone, a huge thanks to all the staff, supporters and the cheerleaders for making it such a fun, lively event! See the photo album on Facebook

The Superbowl really reminds us why we love American sports culture so much: the spirit, showbiz and party atmosphere that builds up around the games is something we aspire to and want to see more of here in the UK.

Sport goes far beyond the technicalities and skill of the game, and the NFL is exemplary in showing us that what happens all around the pitch is just as important as what goes on the field. Supporters are the ones creating the community, buying the tickets, watching the games and generating the viewership that sponsors are after.

Without the fans, sport would not exist. There would be no need for sponsors, and TV stations would not be interested in offering broadcasting contracts if there is no demand for advertisers. Without all this, professional players and managers would not have a salary.

And that's why we love the Superbowl: the buzz and fantastic atmosphere remind us that it's not just about the teams and the players. It's about the fans too, and that's why we love to be a part of it to make it all the more special for them.


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