Cheerleading Adventure at Ocean Park - Hong Kong

This year, ZR London Cheerleaders have had the privilege of performing at Ocean Park, Honk Kong - as part of their magnificent Summer Carnimal featuring hundreds of performers in jaw-dropping costumes. The Summer Carnimal was a two-month festival showcasing top entertainment talent from around the world, to delight park guests of all ages: including drummers, festival dancers, hiphop, capoeira, synchronised swimming limbo dancing, acrobats and of course.. CHEERLEADING!

So after months of work behind the scenes and rehearsals in London, our Creative Director Jessica Zoo and Dance Director Paola Lizza chaperoned 7 of our beautifully talented cheerleaders to Hong Kong for a memorable two months:

75 Days

375 Shows

3000 Minutes of Cheerleading

Too many dim-sum to count!

You would think that 375 consecutive shows of 8 minutes each in open air would not be an easy feat - but our cheerleaders braved the scorching sun, rain and wind to ensure guests young and old always had something to cheer about with a show incorporating stunts, tricks and interactive chants. The experience of delivering such a packed performance schedule and ensuring to keep our performers injury-free during this marathon of cheer has been absolutely exhilarating!

Ocean Park is not your usual theme park: immersed in nature and seamlessly integrating flora, fauna, thrilling rides and entertainment - it has such a rare “realness” that you don’t usually find in many amusement parks. We were incredibly surprised by the range of healthy and delicious food available throughout the park: Hong Kong really lives up to its foodie reputation, even with fast food!

Despite the packed schedule our ZR London Cheerleaders were still able to enjoy the delights of the city, its beautiful beaches, hikes, sight-seeing and nights out - meeting and spending time with all of the incredible performers at Ocean Park.

Hard work, laughter, pompoms, sunshine, some rain, great food and so many unique moments have made this an unforgettable experience: but what really made our Hong Hong experience great was the people. We want to say a huge thank you to the team at Ocean Park for making us part of your Summer Carnimal 2018 and for being such wonderful hosts! It truly has been memorable.

A big shout-out to The LineUp, who provided us with these incredible, ever-lasting uniforms that lasted through 375 shows, rain and sunshine without ever giving up!



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