Cheerleading is a fantastic activity to include in the P.E. curriculum offering an option for those pupils which find it more intimidating to get involved in sports. Not only this will create a club that can enhance school spirit and participation, but it gives the chance to many pupils to develop new physical and social skills. Cheerleading is not just about chanting on the sidelines and shaking pompoms (even though let's face it - the kids love that too!)

Zoo Riot London Cheerleaders is not your average cheerleading team: we liaise with the entire UK cheerleading coaches community through the CheerConditioning.Academy international network - created by Jessica Zoo, our founder and Creative Director.




















The benefits of cheerleading for children are countless, including some of our favourites:


  • An alternative sporting opportunity

  • Versatility, a chance to shine

  • Cardiovascular Fitness, Strength & Flexibility

  • Develops body awareness

  • Improving Flexibility

  • Co-Ordination and Musicality

  • Improves Confidence

  • Team work and relationships

  • Discipline


Cheerleading can become a competitive activity once the pupils have reached a certain level of mastery of the required skills - usually one or two years are required before participants master basic skills for competition. Before this stage, it is crucial to engage children with classes that are fun, rewarding, and give them a sound foundation for more complicated skills such as lifts and tumbling. This is why we start running clubs starting with CHEER PRO Dance Fitness activities and add in tumbling and stunting skills gradually.


The Zoo Riot Coaching Staff has developed a unique approach and cheerleading programme that is best suited to schools, which differ very much from running all-star (competitive) programmes:


  • All our school clubs learn the basics of cheerleading with CHEER PRO Dance Fitness: fun, games, pompoms and learning cheers and routines is the best way to get children engaged with cheerleading.


  • Stunts and tumbling skills are introduces as rewards and development points once basic body-awareness and understanding of floor skills has been introduced.


  • All clubs aim to complete 2 or 3 routines per year of various difficulty levels and skills, with the aim to perform them in front of the school assembly or show once a term.


  • All school clubs take part in our end of year 'London Cheerleading Showcase' which takes place at the end of June or beginning of July. This is a non-competitive showcase for all our teams and clubs to display their talents, and to keep attending classes knowing they have to train hard and attend classes until the end of the year!




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