All cheerleading moves are based on the basic technique of cheerleading motions: which are often the most critiqued aspect of cheerleading and to really make the difference between a beginner and a pro. Motions are present not only in various cheer moves and dance sequences but also for jumps, stunting, and sometimes tumbling. Arms are generally straight and tight, hands in either fists or blades.





  • BLADES - hands held open with fingers extended together, thumbs flat.


  • FISTS - closed and tight, squeeze with the thumb curled in front of the fists. You want the "swirlies" or "cinnamon rolls" always to face the front unless doing the 'Touchdown' motion.




All your moves should be performed sharply. Imagine hitting a brick wall in the air. 

  • Wrists should not be cocked, but in a straight line with your arms. Thumbs should be on the outside of your fists, with your pinky fingers at the back. Show your swirlies!

  • Your arms should always be in FRONT of you, even when doing side motions such as a T or L

  • Shoulders should be relaxed for every motion, not up at your ears!

  • Practice in front of the mirror. You may feel you're doing the moves correctly, but you may not be!




PUNCH - Fists/punches go first. Punch the air so hard you see it move!

POWER - All your motions should be executed with lots of power. Squeeze so hard that if someone were to try and move your arms when you are holding your motion they should not be able to!

PATHWAY - Use the quickest way to get from point A to point B. Punching first, do not swing, break the motion, or swing it.

POSITION - Arms should ALWAYS be in front of you, even with a side motion. Test if your position is right. Hold a High V or a T. Looking straight ahead of you, can you see your fists? If yes, you are doing it correctly as your fists should always be in your field of vision.

POSTURE - Make sure that you don't slouch or stick out your tummy & backside. Keep the core engaged, be strong, and make yourself as tall as you can. 


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