Cheerleading Jumps


Follow this step-by step guide to jump using the correct technique. Not only your jumps will get higher, they will also look GREAT. Don't expect your body to just improvise, you really need to try hard and master the technique before you see noticeable results. Also you must train your hip-flexor muscles by doing regular exercises. If these muscles are untrained, they will not work! It's exactly the same thing as getting someone with untrained biceps to do heavy lifting!

When you start training your jumps - try not to get too over-excited about the height. The technique and the preparation is just as important as the jump itself. Remember that there are many things that make up the jump itself. If you have a good height with poor technique, your jump will appear worse thank it is, and get less marks for it. At the same time, a jump with less height can get higher marks with the correct technique.


Step 1: Preparation
Wether it's a clap, High V or high clasp, make it strong! This will set the tone for your jump!

Step 2: Charge
Imagine your legs are like springs. The more you pull down (ie bend your legs) the more the release will explode. Swing arms strongly to hive you extra height but DO NOT let them swing behind you or you will kill the momentum of your jump.

Step 3: Jump
Leap off the ground by straightening your legs as fast as you can, exploding upwards. You need to use your entire foot and spring off your tiptoes, not your heels. Keep your legs straight and together until you're off the ground.

Step 4: Hit
Time for multi-tasking and remembering to:

  • Hit your motion HARD (without bouncing or flapping). On a toe-touch, you want to hit a T.

  • Look up, this will help you to stop you jumping forward

  • Open up your hips by imagining you are getting a kick on your backside at the height of your jump. Squeeze and tuck your backside under.

  • Turnout your feet so that your extended leg has the heel turned UP towards the ceiling. This will feel strange at first but will keep your hips under and open, feet straighter and chest up

  • OPEN up your chest. Shoulders tend to round forward during the jump, causing the chest to drop. Think of pulling your shoulders back as you jump.

  • SNAP at the height of your jump. Use your energy to control your motions, legs and upper body.


Concentrate on your feet! TURN OUT AND POINT!

Step 5: Land
Control your landing by absorbing the land and squeezing into the centre of your body. Clean with your hands by your knees for an open jump (ie toe touch) or for a closed jump (ie pike or hurldle) land in a daggers position with your arms, squeezing in to avoid losing balance

Step 6: Clean

Finish off your jump with a nice, strong clean. Like a bold exclamation mark at the end of a sentence.


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