Tips for Cheerleading Tryouts


What are the things that coaches will look at when picking the team? Here are some top tips from Jessica Zoo


1 - Relax and be yourself

Coaches will want to work with cheerleaders that are fun, work hard, and enjoy training. Even if you have great skills if you're going to be a stress-ball at tryouts they might think you're too hard to work. So relax, try your hardest, and enjoy it!


2 - Have a great technique

Skill can be taught gradually, but if you show good technique (strong arms, pointed toes, etc..) then they will see you as an asset and easy to teach. Harder skills with poor techniques are harder to correct. Look at our technique videos and make sure you're confident and prepared. One of the main things coaches and judges look for is confident, strong motions that show potential for harder skills.


3 - Respect the Coach and be Friendly

 If you're caught chatting away at tryouts, you won't make a good impression plus you will miss out on important information. Also, make sure you are friendly with everyone there. A bad attitude won't impress anyone, no matter how good your skill is. In fact, many coaches may decide not to take cheerleaders on even if they have the good skill purely because they may not want negativity on the team.


4 - Play the part: Be Confident!

The cheer mat is your stage! Remember it's a performance, so you need to bring out the best in yourself. Can you only do a cartwheel? It doesn't matter, as long as you do it with flair and lots of confidence. Imagine you are starring in your own movie: how would your star character perform? Now get yourself in that character!


5 - Wear Appropriate clothing

Even though it's not a fashion show, wear something that will make you feel proud, strong, and be at your best! A great cheer look for tryouts is a good pair of trainers, shorts, a t-shirt and a bow in your hair. Too much makeup may detract from your performance and don't wear jewelry as you will need to take it off to stunt.


6 - Thank the coach at the end

 This is probably the most valuable tip of all. At the end of the session, don't pester them and ask if you're in the team - they will find that irritating. Instead, go up to them with a big smile on your face and let them know how much you enjoyed it!


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