CHEER PRO™ Music Video Shoot

After many months of planning and preparation, Cheerobics® launch CHEER PRO™ Professional Cheerleaders by releasing a tribute video to Ke$ha and Pitbull's Timber performed by the Zoo Fever CHEER PRO™ team, representing the brand in London.

The goal of CHEER PRO™ Professional Cheerleaders is to create top teams in various cities through Cheerobics® Instructors with a background in professional cheerleading, and then recruiting the very best cheerleading dancers available in the area to be trained the CHEER PRO™ way (which leaves no room for imprecision!)

CHEER PRO™ Professional Cheereaders not only are highly skilled and beautiful dancers, but with over 10 years experience in cheerleading choreography, media production, marketing, social media, event and team management all combined, director Jessica Zoo wanted to create an innovative package that goes far beyond beautiful girls shaking pompoms. With teams being set up in the UK, Italy, France and other locations being planned, CHEER PRO™ will continue to recruit, train and work with the very best.

Jessica Zoo, talks about the launch of CHEER PRO™ - Professional Cheerleaders:

"Zoo Fever have an incredible reputation in the industry for delivering excellent cheerleading performances for events & media which are appealing and family-friendly. Zoo Fever, for years has been selecting and training cheerleaders to bring a fresh, fun approach to our performances by combining cheerleading dance and stunting to a number of events around London and the UK.

A natural progression of our business and using over 10 years experience in cheerleading coaching and management, we knew the next thing to come would be to create a super-team of Professional dance cheerleaders in London to bring the high standards that can be seen overseas with the NFL and NBA. Soon, we realised that this could be a project that could not only benefit the London area, but that there was an incredible demand for professional teams to be set up all over the country and overseas as well.

With the concept of our CHEER PRO™ choreography already in production, there was an opportunity to create a synergy between this and the setup of a system which would enable our Cheerobics® Instructors to own their own professional cheerleading team - especially if they already had a professional cheerleading background.

After working for over a year on the CHEER PRO™ teams concept, perfect the training programme, logistics and marketing plan - we are pleased to launch the very first team in London, which are being followed by Brighton, Birmingham, Glasgow, Naples, Milan and Dubai."

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