Cheerleading Championship Feature on BT Sports

Zoo Fever London Cheerleaders were invited for an interview and special guest performance on BT Sports Panel, after winning the Dance Grand Champions Title at the British Cheerleading Association's 2014 National Championships.

Jessica Zoo, head coach of ZF London Cheerleaders and founder of Cheerobics® Fitness, talks about how cheerleading has become such a popular sport, also in the UK. To find out more you can visit

We want to say a huge thank you to the staff at the British Cheerleading Association for organising this opportunity for us, and to the crew at BT Sports Panel: you treated us like rock stars and we are very grateful. Also a HUGE thanks to Helen Skelton-Myler and Graeme Swann for being the nicest interviewers we've ever come accross! Thank you for showing geniune interest in our story and sport: it was a pleasure to answer all your questions and you put us at great ease.

We hope to be back again *\o/*

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