Stunt Team Debut on Game Gangers

Our Zoo Fever Display Stunt Team makes a debut, on none other than Game Changers on Sky Sports this morning! If you missed it, you can catch them on Sky catchup TV. Zoo was invited to take part in a number of activities to inspire children to take part in more activities, and learn about how cheerleading can be an amazing sport to take part in. On the show, they were interviewed about their experience with cheerleading, performed a beutiful stunt demostration (leaving some of the kids with their jaws to the floor!), taught them the 'Game Changers' cheer and finished with the cheer challenge: how long can each participant hold the 'cheerleading lib' (on one leg) performing different shapes, while they are in the air? It was girls VS boys in the final showdown!


Our Zoo Fever London Cheerleaders stunt team is display (non-competitive) stunt team that uses some of the best cheerleaders in the country for demonstration of high-skilled actobatics and cheerleading stunts. We work with top competitive cheerleaders around the UK to put together special teams for certain events and performances, as well as having our in-house team of 8 female stunting cheerleaders. Whether you want to hire the stunt team on its own. or in combination with one of our other teams - combining pom dance and stunts for example - everything is possible here at the Zoo!

If you want to joing us, AUDITIONS FOR OUR STUNT TEAM on the 13th of April at Arch 197, West London

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